Summer part 2

Before my memory of summer fades, I better share the rest of our adventure to the Okanagan.  It was a trip with our whole family this time (Daddy came with us) and we had so much fun stopping along the way.

We stopped at Mara Lake cause Sophia saw the beautiful water and immediately wanted to get out and walk in the water
First stop in the Okanagan was at Mara Lake.  Sophia saw the beautiful water and immediately wanted to get out and go splash around.

image image

It was a beautiful, warm day when we arrived and I remember the water feeling like bathtub water.  It’s no wonder my girls didn’t want to leave.  Kids love playing at the beach and I can remember growing up, my mom took us to the lake everyday and we never got bored.


More time at the beach with my sister in law, Katie.  She brought her paddle board and taught me her skills of how to do this.  It was so much fun, I only regret not getting some photos of doing it.  Auntie Katie even gave Ava a turn on her board.




image image

And here, Sophia had just returned from a whole week at summer camp that her Gramma was teaching crafts at.  This was her first time going to kids camp and she had so much fun!  Ava was sure happy to have her big sister back though.  This was their first week apart from each other.  And as much as she missed her, I think it was good for Sophia to have a break and have a chance to make some friends.

More beach time!  We found a beach that Charles really loved going to, so we went there every day that week.  Some of our good friends met us there one day and we had a good visit with them also.

image image image image

Our last evening in Kelowna ended with a BBQ at my brother and his wife’s place.  The kids sure enjoyed visiting with their Aunties and Uncles.  image image image


This concludes our time in the Okanagan and it was a bittersweet ending.  I had a whack load of pictures to share, but for some reason they aren’t uploading properly.  I know we will end up living out there in the near future.  It sure feels like home and I know my husband loves the idea of all the family support we would have there.  Until then, it helps knowing they all love and support us