Hello May

May is finally here and that means warmer, longer days.  I’ve already been out digging around in the garden.  Mostly just dividing hostas and moving lillies around to different places. 

I have plans this week to find a white feathers hosta.


These are something that really stand out at night in the garden and they grow beautiful purple flowers during mid summer.

The last few years I’ve really been into peonies and I did try planting a peachy colored one 3 years ago, but the following year, it never came up 😕.  I’m going to try again this year.  I know they need full sun, so maybe I didn’t have the right spot the first time. 


I’ll go for a blush pink color this time.  I LOVE peonies.  Not only do they smell beautiful, but they make wonderful fresh cut flowers for bouquets. 


This is only just the beginning of planting season, so I can’t wait to see what the summer in my garden is going to bring. 
What kinds of plants are you planting?