Wedding planning and more wedding planning

Today’s been a very productive day.  My best friend Shannon is getting married and I have the honor of getting to be one of her bridesmaids alongside her sister.   She’s having a small wedding with just immediate family and close friends by the sounds of it.  Her and her husband-to-be were engaged in February and they are planning an August wedding. 

She is a very organized, ‘listy’ kind of person.  She always has her ‘to do’ things written down and does things in a certain order.  I admire those things about her, as I would like to become more organized.  I’m learning from her 😊.

She found her dress about a month ago and today, we were on the hunt for her shoes and bridesmaid dresses. 

After missing out on the first pair of shoes she wanted, we lucked out and found these and I think it was meant to be. 

Found at "spring" and I think they are the perfect choice for the bride

I know it’s hard to tell by the lighting in the photo, but they are a rose gold color and very shimmery. The type of heel is a wedge, which I think is a smart choice, so she won’t get stuck in grass with a stiletto-type heel. 

After shoe shopping, we hit David’s Bridal. It was a zoo and very unorganized in there.  Still, I think we had some luck finding the type of bridesmaid dress she is looking for.  I tried a cocktail length chiffon spaghetti strap dress, in a plum shade that I think she is leaning towards.  We will see!

Next, she has to decide on what flowers to go with and I’m picturing her going with something along these lines

Image from Style Me Pretty

I’ve been having so much fun getting to help plan her special day.  More info to come soon! 


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