Thought for the day. 

I feel blah.  I don’t know if it’s cause it’s Monday or if it’s because I’ve been sick the last 10 days.  I always find Monday’s to be challenging, though.  You spend all week long just trying to survive and the weekends to recoup, just to start all over again…….

This weekend was nice and relaxing.  We needed it because the last few weeks felt a little tough just starting to get into a new routine.  I know my little Sophia is especially enjoying the weekend since this is her first year in school.  I seriously LOVE weekends.  Nothing better than waking up Saturday morning and having a leisure schedule.  My day starts out with a pot of coffee or just straight espresso.


I treated myself to this beauty last week and now I can have espresso latte’s at home.  I’ve only had it 4 days now, so I spent the weekend practicing my skills.  For my first cappuccino, it was pretty good!  I can’t believe how well this machine froths the milk.  My husband enjoys them too 😊. image

After our nice, lazy morning sitting around drinking coffee, we finally decided to get dressed and get some fresh air.  We picked a good weekend because apparently this was the last nice day in Edmonton for the year and it was beautiful!  We went downtown to the river valley and the girls had a blast collecting leaves to throw.

imageimage image image image image image

Heres to enjoying lazy weekends and time well spent with the ones you love.

Until next time……


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