Dreaming of summer 

Well it’s already September and I’m not gonna lie – I’m not ready to embrace fall just yet.  The temperature here has significantly dropped from the high 20’s, down to around 13-16 degrees the last few days.  It is Alberta, afterall and we could have snow 3 weeks from now.

On a happy note, dreaming of my summer spent in beautiful BC makes me feel a WHOLE lot better 🙂  It was an adventure the first time down there.  Just my 3 girls and me on an 11 hour road trip.  Many people kept on commenting along the way that I was doing a good job, braving a drive that long with 3 kids, all ages 5 and under.  It kept me going hearing the positive feedback.  Especially because the hardest one to deal with was my little Ava (the middle child)  Oh, how I love her, but she can be a problem every 5 minutes.  She has a stronger will to have things her own way, than any child I’ve ever met.

We spent nearly 2 weeks the first time down there and had such a nice time mainly visiting family and spending as much time as we could at the beach.  The girls just loved it, as the beach is foreign to us people in Alberta.  I don’t know why, but it still surprises me today what people here consider  to be “a lake”.  

Anyway, here are a few pictures of our time in Kelowna. My girls loved story time with Gramma, but were very tired as this was the first day we arrived.

This was a picnic night at the park with Aunties and Uncles. Auntie Lesley and Tessa bonded well.uncle Matt getting Sophia ready to take her out on the sea doo.

Fun times messing about in Uncle Matt and Auntie Katie’s pool

Playing in the sand at strathcona beach and time spent with Gran 

Happy Canada Day! Sophia got to spend time with some of her cousins and they took her to the Canada day parade.

That’s it for now. I will continue part 2 later.